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Wild Blue Yonder

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Wlid Blue Yonder

I was sitting in a park on a sunny day, the leaves were blowing across the grass where the children play, there was laughter in the air and birds up in the sky, when i came across a man with a teardrop in his eye, he was a wise and happy man at the end of life, he wore a smile on his face and a hat upon his head, we sat and talked for the briefest moment of time, but when he left he turned around and this is what he said...he said "goodbye, don't be afraid to die, for dying is a day worth living for, and who knows which way the wind will blow, so make sure you live a life worth dying for, because life is not a game and deep down we're all the same, so what is the point of keeping score? For the moment you place the blame, it all goes right down the drain and part of yourself falls to the floor, and the sooner you break the chain, the sooner you stake your claim, but don't wait until you knocking on heaven's door." I went for a walk on a cloudy day, when i got to a spot where the sages go to pray, there I saw a man sitting underneath a tree, and when he opened up his eyes he looked right straight at me and he said, " Hello! So, what is it you think you know? For don't you know, you never know what's coming next, one day you may be king of all that you survey, and the next, you find yourself quite perplexed, one moment your riding high, the next you think that your gonna die, you may climb from the bottom all the way to the top, either way that you play the game, we all end up quite the same, one foot in the grave until we drop, and the more things, they seem to change, the more that they stay the same, but the wheels that go round never stop..." So let's zoom zoom zoom into the wild blue yonder, let's set sail for the wide open sea, I, I , I want to be where the fields of green forever bloom, there's a place where our table is waiting and they never run out of room...oh, the men in their flying machines, little girls dancing on trampolines, a vision so pure and obscure, your not sure what it means...a sweet perfume carried in on the breeze, a melody that makes you weak in the knees, the tight delicate flight of the man on the flying trapeze...Now I'm walking home, but now my walk has turned into a dance, don't you know that you never walk alone, and nothing ever, ever, ever happens by ego trip is an ego trap, you don't have this, so you must have that, you may not believe it but a fact is a fact, just like that..lickidy-split, you can fly to the moon or fall into the pit, it's not about what happens to you, but rather life is about what you make of let's zoom zoom zoom into the wild blue yonder....
©2011 Tommy Spase, Jugatron Music ASCAP