A seven piece juggernaut of delightfully poetic, magically delicious, churning, spasedelic, steam- powered, carnival rock opera.

Tommy Spase and The Alchemists

is a musical entity currently based in Los Angeles, California, but could more likely be described as coming from another planet, somewhere out of space and time, or at the very least, as a cast of characters out of a Tim Burton movie. This juggernaut of delightfully poetic, magically delicious, steam-powered,  churning, spasedelic, carnival rock opera pirates deftly deliver an assortment of sonic offerings ranging from high energy, barn-burning, wiz-bang, roller coaster rides, to whimsically waltzing, laid back strolls through the cosmic fields of spiraling musical and lyrical diatribes . If you can imagine that Danny Elfman went on a space odyssey with David Bowie, that had the Mad Hatter steering the ship, you might just catch the spark that is the sound of

Tommy Spase & The Alchemists

One reviewer wrote..., 

"I must say that with all of the concerts, shows, and performances I have seen, these guys are the most interesting. Their music is like a circus on steroids!"

The Music Lair

Tommy Spase and his brand new band of Alchemists is currently seeking new opportunities to entertain (and celebrate) with the many kindred spirits who are quickly becoming friends, fans and followers! As more and more like-minded individuals discover the treasure of this music and the thrill of the live performances, it is becoming clear that the community forming around Tommy Spase & The Alchemist is but a small part of the much larger movement of SteamPunkers, CosPlay Kids, horror fans, goths, vamps and rock fans of all ages! 

In their hometown of  Los Angeles,CA, Tommy and crew have materialized on the stages of such noteworthy clubs as The House of Blues, The Viper Room, Hard Rock Cafe/Hollywood, Dragonfly, The Mint, Molly Malone's , Fais Do Do, Trip, 14 Below, Ramona Main Stage, and many others, including headlining the Queen Mary-Dark Harbor Halloween event 2 years in a row. Tommy's music has enjoyed top 20 positions in Triple A radio spin charts nation-wide in smaller markets and placement on MTV's "Road Rules" and "The Oprah Winfrey Show" in Australia, of all places. Their video "Things That Go Bump in the Night", directed by noted animator, Micah Chambers-Goldberg(Rock Mafia), has also been featured  in the videos section of "Coast to Coast Am with George Noory" nationally syndicated radio show website, a national hub for all things paranormal.

     The real magic of Tommy Spase and The Alchemists dwells in what is conjured in the LIVE show. Whether you are struck by the pounding, precise drumming of "Mr. Kyle" (Kyle Brian Abbot), rattled by the thundering bass of "Mr. Kipp" (Kipp Reitzel), floored by the guitar attack of "The Undertaker"(Cesar Solo), taken away by the articulate keyboard soundscapes of "The Professor" (John Tuijo), touched by the sweet, yet powerful, backing vocals of "Lady Di" (Dianna Tierney) or mesmerized by the animated gestures and rapid fire delivery of poetic flurries by Tommy Spase, the entertainment value piled into an Alchemists show far exceeds your "average" live band,

and offers the audience member, ...make that audience participant.

,  the full-on, musical tour de force of a 7 piece , electrified, cosmic, inter-galactic, victorian, rock and roll medicine show, complete with big harmonies, multi media pyrotechnics, vaudevillian theatrics, and fun, fun, fun ! With the recent release of "The Carousel Cabaret" CD and interactive album experience, Tommy Spase and the Alchemists' audience is growing by leaps and bounds around the world on social media and on the ground on stages such as yours.  At this very moment 

Tommy Spase and The Alchemists

are working diligently in the lab, to bring to the stage and to you, a truly unique and uplifting, multi-dimensional experience. So come on in, the show will soon begin...

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